Liudmila KARAEVA


09.08.1953 was born in the village of shinjiku Pocket of North-Ossetian ASSR.

Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of arts (Department of sculpture, 2011), honored artist of the Republic of North Ossetia–Alania (2013), laureate of all-Union, all-Russian and international competitions.
Member of the Union of artists of the USSR, Russia (1983).

Graduated from Moscow state academic art Institute named after V. I. Surikov (1981), a sculpture workshop Professor L. E. Kerbel.
Created more than 120 works.

Basic easel works: "Dryad" (1986", "Walking in the rain" (1986), "the Burden" (1990), "Pillar" (1991), "the Dream" (1992), "Lying" (1992), "Siren" (1993), "Introverted, II" (1995), "Vacation" (1997), "Sleeping" (1997), "the Iron lady" (1998), "birch IV" (1999), (1999), "Torso" (1999), "moving forward" (1999), "Step beyond" (1999), "Elegance" (2000), "Pain" (2000), "moving up" (2002), "the Caryatid V" (2003), "Voltage" (2005), "Introvert V" (2005), "kitty" (2006), "the Horse" (2014).

Worked on the Board of the sculpture section of the Union of artists of Russia.

Awards (departmental and others): Grand Prix International competition (1998, Innsbruck, Austria), the Prize "Palmares – 2000" in the category "Prix d'art contemporary" International competition (2000, Paris, France), Diploma and silver medal (2013) of the Russian Academy of arts, Diplomas and Honorary diplomas of the Union of artists of Russia.

Permanent participant of regional, Moscow, national, foreign and international exhibitions (since 1970).

Solo exhibitions were held in many cities of Russia (Moscow, Vladikavkaz and other cities) and a number of cities abroad (Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Odense, Cologne, New York, Genoa, Bergen, Serre di Rapolano, Innsbruck and other cities).

Works are represented in the collections of the State Tretyakov gallery (Moscow), Moscow Museum of modern art, Serpukhov Museum of fine arts, other museums of Russia and in many foreign collections (the Museum of modern art (Amsterdam, Netherlands), the Department for culture Tyrol (Innsbruck, Austria), the Russian mission to the UN (new York, USA), Gallery of art (Serra di Rapolano, Italy), in the collection of the Queen of the Netherlands and other foreign and private collections.